Bret Michaels says 'Rock of Love' was fun, but is it done?

bret-michaels-celebrity-apprentice-s3-320.jpgBret Michaels is all business when it comes to the third season of "The Celebrity Apprentice"; so much so that he's not quite forthcoming about his love life.

On a conference call to promote the NBC reality show, the musician was evasive when answering if his VH1 dating show "Rock of Love" would be back for a fourth season.

"On 'Rock of Love,' obviously I loved doing it. It was the No. 1 show for VH1 three years in a row," Michaels said on a conference call. "I mean, it's basically drinking and dating, it can't be that hard. Sucking face and debauchery, that's the way it is.  To go back to 'Rock of Love' would be a lot of fun."

Michaels declared Jes Rickleff, Ambre Lake and then Penthouse pet Taya Parker as the winners of their respective "Rock of Love" seasons, but obviously, none of the relationships lasted long beyond the show.

"I was really excited about being on 'Celebrity Apprentice' to show that there's also another side [to me]," he added. "I enjoyed every minute and there's no doubt this show is a huge success, and if some of those people come back to watch the other one, that's great."

Wait, watch the "other one"? The only way fans could do that is if there's a fourth season, right?

Michaels' "Celebrity Apprentice" boss Donald Trump seems to think that another "Rock of Love" would be a good idea.

"Well, this show will help his other show a lot because for the time he's on the ['Celebrity Apprentice,'] he does come off really good," said Trump on the same call. "Obviously this is a much bigger audience. This will have a huge impact on his other show. So Bret, I want 10 percent, okay? Whatever you do on that show, I want 10 percent."

Trump even believes that Michaels' performance on "Celebrity Apprentice" will bring romantic candidates of a higher caliber to "Rock of Love."

"This will attract that, absolutely," he added.

Well, until a fourth "Rock of Love" happens, you can check out Bret Michaels suiting up for the boardroom on "Celebrity Apprentice," which kicks off with a two-hour season premiere on Sunday, March 14 on NBC at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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