Budweiser Super Bowl ad: The Clydesdales get a puppy, so get ready to cry

Beer commercials aren't supposed to make you cry.

But somehow Budweiser's 2014 Super Bowl commercial does just that, introducing a lonely puppy to the beer company's famous Clydesdales in order to make an ad that is cute, heartwarming and totally tear-jerking.

The plot is simple and totally familiar to anyone who likes animal stories. Puppy adoptions are happening at a sunny farm, but one little puppy has other ideas. The small dog runs through the fields only to reach a large barn housing Clydesdale horses. Once the puppy and the horse bond, they have a friendship that can't be broken.

Not even the hot horse owner constantly returning the puppy to the beautiful dog-adoption lady can halt this mission of love.

One day, however, the little puppy gets adopted and is heading away in his new person's car. That's when the entire Clydesdale herd comes out to save their dog friend. No one in a compact sedan is going to take on a gang of giant horses, so the puppy gets to stay on the farm. 

The dog lady and the horse man are two are totally a couple now, and horse and dog get to enjoy each other forever. There really are happy endings, people.

None of this has much to do with beer, but at least Budweiser knows how to make us feel the feelings.

Photo/Video credit: Budweiser via YouTube