Burger King new menu: Have it your way with the biggest menu expansion in 58 years

Burger King.jpgBurger King's slogan "have it your way" actually applies for the first time since healthy eating became a national obsession. They've finally caught up with the rest of the fast food chains and decided to add good-for-you items to their menu.

In the biggest menu expansion since the chain opened its doors in 1954, Burger King has added 10 new items to their menu like snack wraps, chicken strips, smoothies and frappe coffee drinks. The chain has slipped to number three in the fast food chain wars and it's offering healthy snacks to compete with McDonald's and Wendy's. Those two chains changed their menus long ago.

What do you think of the menu changes? Will this make you decide to eat more? Does it strike anyone as funny that Jack in the Box brought out a bacon milkshake and Burger King is going healthy? Let us know below.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images