'Capture' preview: Teal team twins make great prey, but will that transfer over to their hunt?


The CW's "Capture" hits the halfway point in Tuesday's (Aug. 27) all-new episode, and the game is about to get real.

The Teal team, British twins Jade and Nikita, are finally going to take up their talons and get their hunt on. So far, they have proven to be great prey, using their stealth skills to evade capture from even the strongest hunt teams in previous weeks. How will that transfer to being the hunt team? Will their stealth skills help them, or hurt them?

Here are five things to know about tonight's all-new episode, which will definitely surprise you. Pro tip: never try to predict the outcome in this game, because every team has some tricks up their sleeve.

1. The advantage point this week is a pretty big deal. Whoever gets sabotaged has a compass arrow pointing straight to them for the hunt team for the duration of the hunt. There is no way of escaping it ... but you can try to outrun it. Who uses the advantage point, who they sabotage, and how the sabotaged team strategizes may surprise -- and will definitely impress -- you.

2. The amount of teams who decide to use the supply station this week is astounding after how many captures have occurred after using it in past weeks. But don't underestimate how important that food is ... and how tempting the offer of wine is.

3. There is a question over whether or not a captured team made it safely into the safe zone around the supply station or whether they were captured. Just a reminder to all competing teams: you're being filmed. Everything you do is available for instant playback. Don't try to cheat, because you will be caught.

4. Never underestimate how much time you have left inside a safe zone. Basically, never take anything for granted in the game because once you get cocky, you lose.

5. When there are an even number of voting teams in an elimination, there is the possibility of a tie. Should that happen, the tiebreaker is logical -- though still very surprising.

Watch a clip from Tuesday's new episode below:

"Capture" airs Tuesday (Aug. 27) at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: Eddy Chen/The CW