Carrie Underwood: Dress took 'a lot of precision' at Grammys 2013


Carrie Underwood's "Grammy Moment" might not have been exactly what fans were expecting during the 55th Grammy Awards, but it still took the country singer a lot of planning to pull off. The skirt of her gray dress acted as a projector screen during her much-hyped performance, and she explained after the awards show that she could take the outfit home and "watch movies on it."

"They can do a lot of amazing things with projectors these days. We had a dress especially made. I said I should take that home and we can watch movies on it," Underwood tells the Associated Press, adding that she needed to stay in a specific spot on the stage of the Staples Center to pull the stunt off. "It took a lot of precision."

Was the projector dress worth the hype? That's for you to decide, but at least the Grammys weren't a bust for Underwood. In addition to singing "Blown Away" and "Two Black Cadillacs" on stage, she won the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images