'Castle': Did Nathan Fillion throw a 'diva fit' on set?

Has Nathan Fillion turned into a diva on the set of "Castle"? A report that quotes a supposed insider at the show says that the actor through a tantrum recently over not getting enough attention.

The report appeared in Showbizspy.com, based on an anonymous report coming out of the six-season show. According to the insider, "Nathan saw the show skewing more and more toward Beckett, and he finally went off on the producers."

Getting more into specifics, Fillion supposedly kept going. "Nathan railed, 'The name of the show is 'Castle' not 'Beckett' ... now fix it!'" the unnamed source said. "It was the ultimate diva meltdown."

If these reports are to be believed, then Fillion successfully convinced the producers that his character of Richard Castle was more important than co-star Stana Katic's Kate Beckett. The tale of tantrums comes a few months after Fillion reportedly took a day off work in an attempt to request a shorter work week.

Is any of this true? Will things of this nature affect the show? There is no way to know for sure as long as nothing but anonymous reports tell the stories.

Photo/Video credit: ABC