'Castle' spoilers: 5 things to know about 'Dressed to Kill'

"Castle" will be delving into the world of high fashion for its upcoming episode, "Dressed to Kill." Can the detectives balance haute couture and wedding planning with solving a murder? Get some hints with five spoilers from the episode.

1. The murder victim is Ella Hayes, the assistant to fashion-magazine editor Matilda King (guest star Frances Fisher). Even before her death, Ella was not having a good time.

2. Castle ( Nathan Fillion) and Beckett ( Stana Katic) look at bridal magazines for approximately a millisecond before they find their absolutely perfect wedding venue. Actually booking that venue, however, may take a little more work.

3. There are blue hairs found on the victim. Despite Castle's theories, neither pop stars nor Dr. Seuss characters are involved with the crime.

4. At least one person is going to have cold feet about the Castle-Beckett wedding. But it might not be the person you think, and it might not be for the reasons you'd expect.

5. "Murder Is the New Black": Incredible mystery-novel title or totally nonsensical phrase? Discuss.

"Dressed to Kill" airs Monday, Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC