Cee Lo Green sued by management company

cee-lo-green-sued-christmas-concert.jpgSinger Cee Lo Green is being sued over a couple of Christmas concerts that Cierra Management Group claims were never going to take place.

TMZ is reporting that Cee Lo's representatives approached Cierra about doing a "12 Days of CHristmas" tour with Cierra fronting Cee Lo $100,000 per concert. That was too much money for Cierra, as was a six-concert tour at the same price.

But Cierra reportedly agreed to two concerts for a total of $243,000. However, according to the lawsuit, Cierra believes that Cee Lo's reps never intended for the concerts to happen. The suit alleges that it was "a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest."

The lawsuit does not say that the artist himself was part of the conspiracy, just his representatives. But Cee Lo is still being sued for allegedly refusing to perform the two concerts.

Cierra Management Company is suing for $14.2 million in damages.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images