Celebrity 'Survivor': Neil Patrick Harris is in, who else would you like to see?

celebrity-survivor-neil-patrick-harris-jennifer-morrison.jpg"Survivor" is going strong in its 26th season, but one thing the head honchos are still looking to do is a celebrity edition.

Host Jeff Probst tells People:

Mark Burnett and I really want to do a celebrity version. We were just talking about this at a Grammy party last week. Neil Patrick Harris was there, and he told me flat out he wants to play. I challenged him and said "Do you really want to do it, or is this just a fun fantasy that will never happen?" He said, "I want to do it."

NPH would be a great "Survivor" contestant. And that got us thinking -- who else would we love to see on "Survivor"?

In our minds, one rule is that the contestants cannot be famous for reality TV. That's too much inside baseball. They need to be famous for something other than being on a reality show of any kind.

Off the tops of our heads, the first four names that spring to mind are Matt Bomer of "White Collar," Kristin Bauer of "True Blood," Jennifer Morrison of "Once Upon a Time" and Mark Harmon of "NCIS."

Do we have any idea if these people are interested? No. But they all fit our idea of a good "Survivor" contestant -- charming, tough, personable and smart. We also could see them all willing to get their hands dirty to win.

What do you think of our choices? And be sure to leave your top picks in the comments below!
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images