Cher: Tom Cruise one of her 'top five' greatest lovers ever

cher-tom-cruise-lovers-top-five-1.jpg Cher's said before that she and actor Tom Cruise had a bit of a thing going on in the 80s. It seems they dated in 1985, but neither has really given up the details about the relationship.

Well, that was the case at least. Cher's talking and she's bringing the goods to the table. The singer appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens: Live" and didn't disappoint. When asked about her relationship with Tom, she jokes, "He wasn't a Scientologist then." 

She says their relationship was "pretty hot and heavy for a minute," before explaining that she's "had the greatest lovers ever," and Tom ranks in the top five.

Now we just have to get Cruise to rank Cher, and this bit of 80s weirdness will be done.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images