Chris Brown fights with valet over $10 service charge - report

TMZ is reporting that artist Chris Brown, who is not exactly known for his demure demeanor, got into it with a parking valet over a $10 charge Wednesday night (March 6).

Reportedly, Brown came out of PINZ bowling alley, where he had been attending a charity event with his entourage, and balked at the valet asked him to pay the $10 parking charged. In the video of the event, you can hear Brown say, "F*** ten dollars."

Witnesses tell TMZ that Brown was mad because he was only at the charity event for half an hour and didn't feel like he should have to pay the charge. In the video, someone from Brown's entourage says, "We got the money, don't worry about it."

But Brown reportedly told the valet, "We gonna turn this whole thing out."

Eventually Brown heads to his car, but it is unclear if he ever paid the $10.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images