'Chuck' fans: No flash mob? Tweet instead

chuck-zachary-levi-yvonne-strahovski-s3-320.jpg"Chuck" supporters don't have to play hooky to participate in a flash mob.

The organizers of the latest campaign to get the NBC spy show renewed know that many fans are upstanding members of society and have jobs, such as at the Buy More. Therefore, they've suggested another way in which "Chuck" fans can voice their support.

All you have to do is go to Twitter on Monday, May 3 between noon and 1 p.m. in your local U.S. time zone and then tweet once in support. Emphasis on "once." Not only is Chuck and Co. against spam, but we wouldn't want to be responsible for a Fail Whale now would we?

ChuckTV was even good enough to offer up some sample tweets. Feel free to steal or riff one of your own.

@NBC - We want more #CHUCK! Give us another season of flashes and fun. The world's safety depends on it! #FlashChuck

#CHUCK rules! @NBC show your love for CHUCK and the fans will show their love back. We want a 4th season! #FlashChuck

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Photo credit: NBC