'Chuck': Linda Hamilton will be back for the finale

linda-hamilton-chuck-vert.jpgBefore it bows out for good, "Chuck" will stage one last Bartowski family reunion.

Linda Hamilton will reprise her role as Chuck's ( Zachary Levi) mom, Mary, in the two-hour series finale. And that, alas, is about all we can tell you at the moment.

"If I said anything" about the circumstances of Hamilton's return, "I'd be ruining too many good spoilers," co-creator Chris Fedak tells TV Guide.

"Chuck" is in its final week of filming, and the cast and crew have already shot the last scene of the finale (though not the last scene ever, since they're going out of order).

"There were a lot of tears," Fedak says. "... We have been cherishing each day as we've neared the end."

Fortunately for the rest of us, that end won't come for a while. "Chuck" returns to NBC Dec. 9, and the finale is set for Jan. 27.
Photo/Video credit: NBC