'Chuck' recap: Volkoff. Alexei Volkoff.

zachary-levi-02-chuck-320.jpgWhen the "Chuck" episode begins, Chuck's mad at Sarah and still believing in his mom with all his heart, despite his better judgment. Casey and Sarah cover for him to General Redhead, but no one really talks to him. Instead, Chuck blabs to everyone else about their fight: Morgan, his mom, his mom's handler Timothy Dalton... He breaks into his mom's cell, and she tells him that the only person who can give him evidence to prove her innocence is her MI-6 handler (she had to cut off ties to the CIA when Volkoff was onto her, so she joined up with MI-6). Chuck takes off to meet the handler, Tuttle, played by Timothy Dalton. He's not a field agent, so he's terrible at everything, which is glorious and funny, especially for a former James Bond. While Chuck and Tuttle are flying around on a plane that ends up taken over by Volkoff agents, Casey and Sarah (with an assist from Morgan) are trying to get Frost to reveal where Chuck is. She will, she says, if she can see Ellie. She and Ellie have a wonderful meeting, the most important piece of which is her reminding Ellie about the '68 Mustang her dad used to drive her around in (which Ellie's been reading about in the classifieds; she realizes it was her dad's final coded message to her). Then Sarah, Casey, Morgan, and Frost find Chuck and Tuttle. But so do Volkoff's agents, and Tuttle ends up shot.

Chuck and Sarah leave Volkoff and take Frost back to Orion's secret underground base so they can run the disk to clear Frost's name, but the disk comes up blank. Frost finds something in a box and runs it in front of Chuck. So far, it seems to have wiped out his Intersect, but I really do think there must be more to it, and we just don't see it yet. Just then, Tuttle shows up, all Bond and healthy and clean. But he's not Tuttle; he's Alexei Volkoff. He planned this whole thing with Frost to get himself into Orion's base to destroy it and anyone who knows about it. He also can't quite figure out why Chuck cares so much about pursuing Frost or doing what Orion started, so even though Frost told Volkoff about her husband; she obviously has never told about Chuck. Volkoff and Frost tie Sarah up and leave them in the Orion base with a ticking bomb. But Frost slips a razor blade into Sarah's hand and asks her to protect Chuck. They get out just in time, but every last piece of Orion/Bakula is gone. Or so we think. Until we remember the car. Awesome and Ellie show up to get it, and she reads the note he left her about their secrets and how she deserved better. And, he says, he left her this car for a reason; he's sure she'll know what to do with it. We see a bright green light under the hood; could it be Orion as K.I.T.T.? All I know is it was awfully nice to hear Bakula's voice again, so if his soul has taken possession of this Mustang, that's all right with me.

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