'Cloud Atlas' and other 'unfilmable' books that made it to the big screen

unfilmable opening 2.jpg
They said it couldn't be done. No matter what Hollywood said, this book wouldn't be coming to the screen. It was too complex, too sweeping, too full of ideas, too perfect as a book. No way will anyone make a movie of it.

"Cloud Atlas" is just the latest "unfilmable" book to make it to the movie theater. Next? "Midnight's Children," based on the book by Salman Rushdie, is scheduled to open on November 2. "The Life of Pi" opens November 21. They join a long list of classics, beloved genre titles, literary game-changers, nonfiction tomes and even self-help books that have defied expectations and shown up on the big screen.

Some of these movies worked because they stuck to the source material. Others were fantastic because they ditched almost everything but the title. But for every success, there's a great book that flopped when it got on film. Which is which? Take a look through our gallery and decide for yourself.
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