CNBC's Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman Herbalife brawl feels like 'Real Tycoons of Wall Street'

bill-ackman-carl-icahn-herbalife-brawl-cnbc.pngWall Street is giving the "Real Housewives" a run for their money in the real-life drama department, as two billionaire hedge fund tycoons take their longstanding feud to the live airwaves of CNBC.

Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman went to-to-toe in a verbal brawl, as the network's "Half Time" host, Scott Wapner, acted as referee. Floor traders at the New York Stock Exchange served as cheering spectators while the business magnates hashed out their beef, hurling insults and accusations at each other, Icahn at times spitting multiple curse words at Ackman on live television.

It seems Icahn and Ackman -- who, by the way, are old enough to know better at 76 and 46, respectively -- have been holding on to drama since a bad deal in 2003 that landed them on opposite sides of a court room.

Depending on which guy you believe, Icahn supposedly tried to make nice with Ackman a couple of years ago, but Ackman wasn't having it. Their feud began brewing publicly again when Icahn criticized Ackman's short selling of shares in nutrition company Herbalife. Icahn claims Ackman disingenuously painted Herbalife as an illegal pyramid scheme so he could profit off of stock sales.

Ackman released a statement saying, "Carl Icahn is a great investor, but in my experience, he does not keep his word." Icahn responded by blasting Ackman on Trish Regan's CNBC show. "You can't go out and say you're honestly doing this for the good of humanity," says Icahn of Ackman. "You're doing it because you're selling something short and you want it to go down."

Unwilling to let Icahn have the last word, Ackman went on air with Wapner to rebut, and that's when everything hit the fan. Icahn called in to Wapner's show to call Ackman a liar and accuse him of purposely destroying companies by publicly shorting their stocks. "He's like the crybaby in the schoolyard," Icahn says. He also denies ever trying to be friends with Ackman, and threatens to never give CNBC another interview. Sounds like more than one of these guys belong on the schoolyard.

Is this a reality show in the making, or what? CNBC has posted the video of the segment here. It's worth a watch -- if you're into housewife-style drama, that is.
Photo/Video credit: CNBC