Comic-Con 2013: Stormtrooper replica molded from 'Star Wars' costume debuts

"Star Wars" fans walking the floor at Comic-Con 2013 are in for a special treat when they end up at the eFX booth. The company, which specializes in replicas of movie costumes and props, is displaying a prototype of their new Stormtrooper costume.

According to Bryan Ono, the man behind this new replica, his Stormtrooper is the most accurate ever made, molded from a screen-used costume in the first "Star Wars" movie. From helmet to boots, the entire replica is as complete as possible. "The archives doesn't even have a complete set," Ono tells Zap2it about Lucasfilm and Disney.

It's so accurate, it's not even made in a variety of sizes to be worn. As the replica is molded from a costume worn in the movie, it's made to that specific size only.

The suit isn't done just yet. Ono says there are still some changes to be made before it's made available for pre-order in the fall. He adds that it will ship to fans at the end of the year or the beginning of 2013. How much will something like this set you back? Better start tucking money away in your savings account, because this Stormtrooper costume will ring up at $2,000.
Photo/Video credit: Zap2it