Comic-Con: 'Family Guy' goes to the Dark Side

Stewie_290 The Emmy-nominated "Family Guy" (cue giggle) brings us to a galaxy far, far away ... or at least to San Diego's Comic-Con on Saturday.

The Internet wifi gods willing, we'll be able to bring this event to you via live blog. It's either that or we'll effin' cry. [Update: The live blog was a little delayed, but still frickin' sweet!]

11:32 a.m. - Producer David Goodman makes a few opening statements. Man, these panels are starting late!

Our lovely panelists this morning: executive producer Steve Callaghan, EP Mark Hentemann, Mila Kunis (voice of Meg), Seth Green (Chris), Alex Borstein (Lois), producer Kara Vallow and creator Seth McFarlane.

The panel decides to give a rundown of some of the upcoming season's highlights:

 - Callaghan discusses an episode in which Brian gets drunk, drives and then hits a dog. This show is always great at making us feel uncomfortable ... and damned for laughing. Also, Lois hires a maid Consuela, Superman's maid.
 - Hentemann says that Peter meets and has an affair with a cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland. What will Lois think?
 - Mila: "There's an episode when Meg goes to jail and comes back a little bit tougher, a little bit meaner and little more manly." The subject of prison rape is brought up at panel, but we're not sure if they're joking or not. You never know when it comes to "Family Guy."
 - Seth Green: "The family meets the monkey and shenanigans ensue."
 - Alex says that Lois dabbles in boxing and that "Lois and her mom Babs bond over an intimate sexual experience in both of their lives." Oh, and there's also an unwanted pregnancy!
 - You WON'T see the "Family Guy" abortion episode because it's going straight to DVD. FOX encouraged them to produce the episode, but are too afraid to air it. Abortion has been

11:44 a.m.

This has been all great fun so far, but the moment is finally here, a viewing of clips from their "Empire Strikes Back" homage, "Something Something Dark Side." Without giving away huge spoilers, here's a tease of what's in there:

 - The "Star Wars"-ish intro text: "A long time ago when the gays weren't all in your face about it ... "
 - Mocking "Family Guy" network FOX's bad judgment, pointing to how it canceled the show twice!
 - Cameos by one of the Jetsons and a Muppet
 - A really freaky hybrid of a Tauntaun and a deceased comedian. It's rather disturbing.
 - CG ships and AT-ATs
 - Stewie as a really cute Vader

"Something Something Dark Side" will hopefully air on Christmas, but that's dependent on how much of it they get done. Genius takes time, people.

11:56 a.m. We're really rushing now since the panel started so late. On to the fan questions!

Wow, the first two guys are shut down and turned away for inappropriate mic behavior. Okay, that sounds much naughtier than it was, but have fun with it.

How did you think of the name "Family Guy"?
McFarlane: "It was really a half-assed thing. There's no great story behind that. I was looking for something simple that would roll off the tongue easily."

Everybody asking questions seems a little off. Seth Green teases one girl that you can only use two "likes" per sentence. Even McFarlane says, "It anybody here NOT stoned?"

When asked how well everybody gets along, Seth Green and Alex hug and then pretend that it gets all hot and heavy, falling to the floor out of sight behind the table. Mila also joins into the pseudo orgy action.

What are Seth McFarlane's favorite musicals?
"The Sound of Music," "My Fair Lady" and "Little Shop of Horrors."

Are they trying to educate America in musical theater? How many people don't know "Shipoopi" outside of "Family Guy"?
McFarlane: "Maybe a little. There's an alarming number of people who think we wrote that song. It's rather flattering. We didn't. It's from 'The Music Man.'"

If for some reason "The Cleveland Show" doesn't do well (not to jinx it, thanks), will Cleveland return to Peter and his friends?
McFarlane: "If it doesn't do well, yeah, he'll be back."

A guy dressed as Batman has the last question, and Seth Green is in a jovial mood, telling him how he appreciates how the city is a lot cleaner. Fake Batman dares to shut him down, saying he needs to ask the question. In his best, menacing Dark Knight whisper, he asks if James Woods will be back on the show.

Huzzah! He'll be back for a few episodes in fact.
McFarlane: "He'll be back for the hour-long 'Clue' episode. He figures very prominently in that and he's in at least two more shows."

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