Comic-Con: 'Twilight: New Moon' stars love breakin' up, but not growling

"Twilight: New Moon" fans, please don't ask Taylor Lautner to growl. Really.

"They ask me to growl for them, and I really don't enjoy doing that," says Lautner at a "New Moon" Comic-Con press conference Thursday morning while sitting between his co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who was sporting her Joan Jett hair.

"Please don't ask me that," continues Lautner. "Watch the movie."



The press session is a sedate beginning to what will be a hectic, squealing fan-filled day for the "Twilight" stars.


What was your favorite "New Moon" scene to shoot?

 - Taylor: "My original favorite scene was this little scene. It was kind a cute. I walk [Bella] to her door and I say goodbye to her and I'm about to go fight, and she's worried for me. I also like the breakup scene."

 - Kristen: "I like the breakup scene to. (turns to Taylor, and gets emotional) If you ever treated me like that, you'd kill me."

 - Robert: "I think my break up scene was my favorite scene. Hopefully it will come off having a few more levels than the relationship in 'Twilight.' It's a really interesting little moment. It completely bypasses all the supernatural elements of the story as well."


What's your favorite "Twlight" book in the series?

 - Taylor: "My favorite book is actually 'Eclipse.' It has lots of action in it. In 'Eclipse,' it's the three of them physically together. They have to team up to try and be friends to protect her. I'm excited to get going."

 - Kristen: "I liked 'New Moon' in terms of how far I could push myself in the series. I feel after 'New Moon' it's kind of smooth sailing for her. But in 'New Moon,' she's lost. I had to find her again."

 - Robert: "Mine is 'New Moon' as well. I like the juxtaposition of so many people being there. It's such a hyped character. So many see him as a hero. In 'New Moon,' he's so humbled. He's looking at Bella and is thinking he loves her too much ... he deliberately starts breaking it. And the final fight sequence at the end, Bella saves Edward, which she does in every book. He's being saved by the damsel in distress. He's trying to keep up with Jacob."

Dealing with the whole Team Jacob and Team Edward phenomenon:

- Taylor: "Sometimes it's hard for me to try and live up to Team Jacob in the right way."

Having Edward gone for much of the film:

- Kristen: "If he doesn't go, you can't miss him. That's what this movie is all about, an empty dark place where Edward is absent."

What's the power of "Twilight"?

- Robert: "I never looked at it as a vampire story right from the beginning ... I see it as a tool to make their relationship more fraught. I found myself after the audition bizarrely invested into the story ...[when reading scripts] I find myself getting very argumentative. [The stories] definitely have some sort of power."

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