'Community's' Joel Mchale explains why Justin Bieber is 'an idiot'

If you've been wondering, like most of the world, exactly what's going on with Justin Bieber, whose latest escapades reportedly involve throwing eggs at a neighbor's house, "Community" star Joel McHale has the answer.

"He's a f***ing idiot," McHale says in an interview on "Conan." As for what's gotten into Bieber, who had a really bizarre 2013, McHale continues, "I feel like he's got all those guys around him and he's run out of things to do. He's so rich and so successful and they're like, 'What do you want to do,' and he's like, 'Let's shave a dog. What do you want to do? We've done everything else.'"

The big question is where Bieber is finding inspiration for his behavior. As McHale puts it, "It's weird how he's doing pranks from 1950."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Team Coco