Conan O'Brien is Zap2it readers' favorite late night host

conan-obrien-320-2.jpgThe people have spoken at Zap2it -- Conan O'Brien wins the coveted Zap2it title of Favorite Late Night Host.

After +2600 votes were cast, Conan O'Brien won with 21% of the votes. As of Jan. 13 at 8:25 am PT, he has a slim 30-vote lead over second-place host Craig Ferguson.

Coming in third with 15% of the vote is David Letterman and rounding out the top five are Jon Stewart with 13% and Jay Leno with 11%. Stephen Colbert and Chelsea Handler in the 6th and 7th spots each reached triple digits in the voting, but after those two there is a considerable drop.

Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and George Lopez all managed to get at least 30 votes, while poor Carson Daly got six votes for last place.

In the write-ins, there were a few votes from the non-readers out there that were cast for Chelsea Handler, Carson Daly and George Lopez. There were also votes for Greg Gutfeld, Larry Sanders and Jonathon Ross ( sic).

We sincerely hope the person who voted for Larry Sanders realizes that Sanders is fictional.

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