Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube take a Lyft for weed, Wendy's and ladies: 10 best lines

What happens when Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart get a ride with Lyft? Pretty much exactly what you hope will happen, as it turns out.

The trio called an unsuspecting Lyft driver named Anthony during a bit on "Conan" and took a ride around Los Angeles. While on their journey, they stopped at Runyon Canyon to try to find marijuana, bought some "fo'ties" at 7-Eleven and ordered some lunch at Wendy's -- all while Hart and Cube made fun of O'Brien for being an awkward white dude. All in all, it's pretty amazing.

Can't watch the full video now? We'll save you the trouble. Here are the 10 best lines from the hilarious video:

Kevin Hart: "Look, I'm not saying that I'm scared, because I'm not, but this ain't safe. ... It looks like we're selling a**."

Ice Cube to driver: "How do you feel about people funking it up?"

Ice Cube to driver: "Hey man, have you ever been paid in sex?"

Kevin Hart while pretending to mug driver: "You thought we were celebrities? You done thought wrong, jack!"

Kevin Hart to driver: "Now that Conan's out [of the car], do you like white people?"

Ice Cube to Conan O'Brien: "Stop being so white!"

Kevin Hart about Conan O'Brien: "His jeans be tight."

Ice Cube: "Kevin, I won't say no jokes if you won't bust no rhymes."

Conan O'Brien to driver: "You were on my side when we met, Anthony, and suddenly five minutes in you're with these guys, and everything I do is stupid. You notice that?"

Conan O'Brien at Wendy's: "How mad are you guys going to be if I get the Toasted Flatbread Asiago Ranch Chicken Club?"

Photo/Video credit: TBS