Conan O'Brien, NBC divorce: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog custody

Now that Conan O'Brien has agreed to walk away from NBC for a reported $45 mil, we have to wonder.... who gets the dog? Well dog is man's best friend, so The Dish Rag assumes he'll be sticking with his master Conan even after he bids adieu to the Peacock.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is performed by comedian Robert Smigel and debuted in 1997 on NBC's "Late Night with Conan O"Brien" in a skit about the Westminster Dog Show. According to The Wrap, Smigel will most likely continue to ask NBC permission to use Triumph on any post-NBC Conan show. Triumph continued to make appearances on "The Tonight Show" when O'Brien took over from Jay Leno.

The doggie certainly has supplied many laughs over the years. Who can forget Triumph's appearance with a clearly not amused rapper Eminem? Watch Conan explain what happened when they sent Triumph to the MTV Movie Awards.