Corey Feldman has been dressing like Michael Jackson a long time ...

Corey 1987  Corey now

Former child star Corey Feldman -- who has had his own well publicized battles with drugs over the years -- was a friend of Michael Jackson's back in the 1980s.

But the two young men had a rocky relationship and eventually drifted apart. They reportedly didn't talk for several years before Jackson's death.

But Feldman, visibly upset and eerily dressed like a Jackson imitator, turned up at Staples Center for Michael's memorial.

It even looks like he is wearing the same same hat he wore in 1987! OK,

Naturally, he's caught some heat from gossip blogs about his attire and his out-of-the-blue appearances on "The Today Show" and "Larry King Live" to talk about Michael.

 So he's explaining himself -- and his strained relations with Michael -- on his website.