Cruise ship singer mystery death in Australia was not foul play

The mystery surrounding the death of a cruise ship singer in Australia remains unsolved, but authorities have ruled out foul play. Jackie Kastrinelis, 24, was discovered dead in her room when the ship she performs on, the Regent Seven Seas Voyager, docked Sunday.

While investigators initially treated her cabin as a crime scene, they are now, according to Cruise Law News, focusing on a head injury she is believed to have sustained during a Saturday rehearsal. The ship's doctor gave her medication before she went to bed that night.

ABC News reports Kastrinelis first started working as a cruise ship entertainer a year after graduating from the University of Hartford. "She stood out a little bit brighter," says  Michael Morris, director of music for the university, "but you can say that about anybody." However, he notes, "But about Jackie it is absolutely true."
Photo/Video credit: Facebook