CW's 'The 100' casts 'Dollhouse' alum Dichen Lachman in revealing role

dichen-lachman-june-2012-gi.jpgA "Dollhouse" alum holds the secret to one of the biggest mysteries surrounding The CW's new drama, "The 100."

Dichen Lachman has been cast on the post-apocalyptic drama "The 100," E! News reports.

Set in the future after a nuclear war destroyed all civilization on the planet, Earth's survivors live on a dying spaceship. The leader ("Grey's Anatomy" alum Isaiah Washington) sends 100 juvenile delinquents -- led by Clarke (Eliza Taylor) -- back to the thought-to-be-deserted Earth to see if humans can survive on the ground once more.

Lachman, best known for her role on Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," will play the role of Anya, a mysterious survivor that the group of troubled teens encounters when they are on the ground. 

While this answers the biggest question the new drama poses -- Is there life left on Earth? -- it also raises a ton of new ones. Will Anya be a friend or foe to the out-of-place teens? How did she survive living on the ground when the radiation was supposedly too deadly for humans to endure?

"The 100" premieres on Wednesday, March 19 at 9 p.m. ET after "Arrow," moving "The Tomorrow People" to Mondays on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images