'Dallas': Jesse Metcalfe says Christopher Ewing is 'very much the rancher'

Zap2it: You're playing one of the "good guys" on "Dallas." Is it tough to keep a character like that interesting?

Jesse Metcalfe : The great thing about my character is that although Christopher was introduced in the first series, you really don't know that much about him, so our very capable writers were free to create a character that was very compelling and at the same time very conflicted. I think as an actor, that's the kind of character you really want to play.

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Zap2it: What's your take on Christopher?

Jesse Metcalfe : Christopher is introduced as the anti-Ewing. He's adopted, and he's coming back to Southfork after studying abroad and developing his alternative energy patent in China. When he comes back to the family, he is very much driven by his need to prove himself to his father and also to assert his position in the Ewing hierarchy. I was drawn to the character because he is intelligent and ambitious, but at the same time he's a chip off the old block. 

He's a very compassionate and loving character, but he also has this whole other side: He's very much the rancher, just as his father is.

Zap2it: Did you watch the old series to prepare?

Jesse Metcalfe: There's 350-some-odd episodes, so it would be quite a task to watch every one of them, but I watched about 35 of them -- and if this show runs as long as we hope and think it will, I'll have time to catch all of those episodes!

"Dallas" airs Wednesdays on TNT.
Photo/Video credit: NewsCom