'Dance Moms' holiday special: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein stops by to fight

abby-lee-miller-dance-moms-holiday-special.jpgIt's time for the "Dance Moms" holiday special, which should prove to be full of yuletide cheer and nothing but "God bless us, every one," right?

Uh huh. In the holiday spirit, Abby Lee Miller says that Christmas means to her that it's "two weeks off from the dance studio. No moms, no kids, no complaining."

Miller then says her "Dance Moms" are so rude that none of them are on her "nice" list. They're all on the naughty list -- Christi, whose mouth is out of control; Melissa, who is naughty all the time, inappropriately in front of the kids; Kelly showing up drunk at the dance studio, etc. etc.

Good times.

The gifts are given out by shirtless Santa's elves. Kelly gets a beer helmet and eight bottles of tequila, Jill gets lip plumper, Holly gets shoes (for her big feet), Christi gets a cash box and makes fun of Abby Lee making so much money and Melissa gets some lingerie.

Thankfully, we get the Abby Lee Dance Company performing a routine called "Christmas morning" that washes out the taste of the crazy moms. Maddie also performs a gorgeous routine as a solo.

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein stops by to stir up some trouble and it just devolves into a stupid fight between Cathy and Abby about who has the best dance studio.

Some "Dance Dads" join the fray, with Kendall's dad saying it's hard not to have his wife and daughter around as much, plus it's hard to watch the show when his daughter is crying. Nia's dad adds that it's hard when Abby Lee is doling out some "tough love."

All Abby Lee can do is attack the dance dads for not being there and then get into it with Jill about her husband never building them props. He should just volunteer to do that, Abby thinks.

Coco Jones performs and then the dance company girls get to open presents with Santa (Abby), so at least it ends on a positive note.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime