'Dancing With the Stars': Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke talk dating rumors on 'Ellen'

cheryl-chad-kiss-on-ellen.jpgKate Gosselin has her diva behavior. Erin Andrews has those scary death threats. Jake Pavelka has the "Bachelor" scandal rumors. Chad Ochocinco has ... hmmm.

Headlines, for better or for worse (poor Erin!) keep one in the spotlight during a "Dancing With the Stars" season. And the spotlight, for a show with a proven history of being a popularity contest (remember Jerry Rice? Cloris Leachman?), tends to mean more votes.

So could it be that these forced-sounding dating rumors between Ochocinco and his pro partner, Cheryl Burke, are just that? Fodder for media speculation?

Well, if that's the case, then we're guilty of biting. Because we're about to give you the "are they or aren't they?" dating update.

Ochocinco and Burke will appear on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" Friday (April 9) to continue dancing around the dating rumors. To add fuel to the rumor mill fire, expect to see the dance partners dish on that $10,000 (yes, four zeroes) ring Ochocinco purchased for Burke -- which she rocks on her ring finger.

Oh, puh-lease....

Here's a sneak peak at their "Ellen" interview that touches on the fact that the football wide receiver shelled out a healthy chunk of change to put a ring on it:

Ellen: So this is like a thank you. Like a lot of your (former dance) partners have bought you a $10,000 ring? To say thank you for helping me dance, right?

Cheryl: He's the first. Not even my ex-boyfriends would do this for me,

Chad: I just raised the bar then.

Ellen: Because you know people would say something like that would mean that you're dating. That's the rumor, that you're dating.

Chad: We are?


Chad: No.

Cheryl: We're not going to put labels on anything.

See how she did that? It's all about keeping the speculation alive. But maybe we're just cynical? 

Watch the full interview on "Ellen" when it airs Friday, April 9 to see if YOU think these two are dating or faking. Let us know your thoughts!

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