'Dancing With the Stars': Does Nicole Scherzinger have Season 10 in the bag?

nicole-scherzinger.jpgNicole Scherzinger continues to blow away the competition on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday (March 29) evening.

After dancing the jive with partner Derek Hough, the easily excitable Bruno Tonioli proclaimed, "It was phenomenal! I've never seen a jive that good on week two."

The dance duo scored two 10s and an 8 (ok, so the curmudgeony Len was a bit "ambivalent about the whole thing"), racking up a whopping 28 points -- on week two. Not too shabby.

Which begs the question -- does Scherzinger's dance experience with the Pussycat Dolls give her an unfair edge in this competition? During last week's broadcast, she claims no:

"I have experienced dancing but I have never done anything like this before. It is a far cry from chest pumps and booty dips."

But chest pumps and booty dips is more experience than say, Kate Gosselin or Buzz Aldrin have going for them. Although judging by their performances thus far, those two most likely aren't on Scherzinger's radar. But a certain buxom blonde with the larger-than-life hair most certainly is.

Pamela Anderson performed a tribute number to the original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, on Monday night's show. While Bruno called it a "delicious tribute" and Len said it had "cheeky charm," Anderson only scored a 22 for the night.

If the public votes with the judges, Scherzinger has nothing to fear.

Do you think Nicole will take home the Mirrorball trophy?

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