'Dancing With the Stars': Kate Gosselin makes Tony Dovolani want to quit

kate-tony-fight.jpgWhat a bunch of whiny dancers.

We saw everyone from Shannen Doherty to Jake Pavelka to Erin Andrews act up in practice on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday (March 29) night, giving their poor pro partners grief for their own frustrations in trying to learn the steps. No big surprise though that this season's rumored diva Kate Gosselin took the whiner cake.

Gosselin essentially tells her professional partner, Tony Dovolani, that he does not know how to teach. Well, then she revises that to he just doesn't know how to teach in order to accommodate her learning style. Dovolani just looks at her in utter shock and disbelief, saying that never in his teaching career has he been told that he does not know how to teach.

The famous mom of eight continues to complain until Dovolani reaches his breaking point, where he storms out of the room saying he quits. Now it's Gosselin's turn to look shocked, and she looks to the camera saying she just doesn't understand. Maybe she understood a little better when she watched the playback of her bossy antics.

Of course Dovolani eventually returns to practice, and the two ostensibly make up. But we can't help but wonder if Dovolani would have the same kind, supportive words for his partner that he did when Zap2it spoke to him last week. Hmmm.

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Photo credit: ABC