'Dancing With the Stars': Kate Gosselin panics, Buzz Aldrin blasts off

buzz-aldrin-eliminated.jpgOh Buzz, we know you didn't have the moves, but in the words of Len Goodman, we "thought America would save you."

Buzz Aldrin became the second "Dancing With the Stars" contestant to get booted off the show, but Jake Pavelka and fellow lower-scorer Kate Gosselin were in the hot seat with him for a short while.

The former astronaut consistently got the lowest scores (13 this week) -- but having avoided the bottom two on Week 2, we thought all the space fans out there had his call-in number on rocket speed dial.

Not so this week. After his touching story dance Monday (April 5) night about a father coming home from war to his daughter, the former astronaut is saying goodbye.

Gosselin and Pavelka rounded out the last three standing. But it was the star of "Bachelor" fame who joined Aldrin in the bottom two. "The Bachelor" just barely got his rose, and Aldrin was the star sent packing.

When Zap2it interviewed Aldrin on Friday, he told us that the process had been "quite a bit harder" than he'd thought and "challenging but very satisfying." The sprightly 80-year-old also told us that one of the reasons he'd done "DWTS" was to show America "what some of the older citizens can do."

Aldrin shared a similar sentiment Tuesday night after receiving the news that night was his last, saying, "I did this show for the fighter pilots out there, the military people and the older geezers like me who would just like to see an elder come back week after week."

The judges showed respect to the American legend, saying what an honor it had been to have him on the show. The ever classy and charismatic Tom Bergeron signed off with, "When I was 14 years old watching you walk on the moon, I never thought I'd have this honor."

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