'Dancing With the Stars': Mark Ballas on Jaleel White fight

Jaleel White Kym Johnson.jpgWe hit the press line for the week two competition on "Dancing With the Stars" and asked Mark Ballas about the alleged fight between contestant Jaleel White and his partner Kym Johnson. According to reports, White fought with Johnson, and Ballas tried to stop it.

We asked Ballas about the rumors. He says, "Well whoever their source is, I hope they're not paying their source.  I feel like in this town especially, coming from England myself, things in this town tend to get over-exaggerated.  We were all there.  We are standing in the same room right now.  We have been standing in the same room all night.  We are all friends. This is a great night.  The lowest score is 24.  I think that's a record.

"This is a stressful experience.  What I love about the show is that it's an emotional roller coaster.  This is how you get to know your winner.  You see them happy, you see them mad, you see them frustrated and then you see them proud when they overcome the obstacle.  It wouldn't be the show without the stress and frustration.  It's the journey.  So, you know, moments get heated.  This is a sport.  In football, people get heated.  With MMA, people definitely get heated.  With hockey, with whatever sport you are doing, people get heated and people love to exaggerate stuff.  Its fine.  Everyone is cool.  It's all good."

That said, the two were not sitting together at the show. Significant?    
Photo/Video credit: ABC