David Anders returns to 'The Vampire Diaries,' spies a guest role on 'Warehouse 13'

vampire-diaries-cw-dave-anders-320-thumb.jpgAs we're all used to by now, people don't always die a certain death in supernatural dramas. And " The Vampire Diaries" is no exception.

After David Anders' character, Jonathon Gilbert, seemed to suffer some fatal wounds in the finale, he confirms to EW that he will be back for the season premiere. But whether he'll be staying on for the season is still unknown.

"That's up in the air right now," he says. "They haven't picked up [my] option yet. I feel like the character has a lot of legs and you can go in many different directions with him. But ultimately it's [executive producer] Kevin Williamson's choice."

It's not at all unlikely that Uncle John could survive the latest attack. After all, he survived an attack from Damon ( Ian Somerhalder), but he had his mysterious "super-healing" ring on. In the finale, Katherine ( Nina Dobrev) took care of that when she chopped his fingers off (and his ring went with them). Then, she dealt him a seemingly fatal knife wound. Does he somehow get back to his ring? Or will we watch his epic death scene?

Either way, fans of Anders (an "Alias" grad) can rejoice in the news that the SyFy network just announced that he'll be guest starring in their spy show, " Warehouse 13." He'll be playing Jonah Raitt, a suspected serial killer who escaped Warehouse capture back in the sixties. "Warehouse 13" returns for its second season on July 6.

Aren't you glad David Anders will be back on our small screens so soon?

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Photo credit: The CW