David Beckham's H&M Super Bowl commercial lets you buy his underwear with your remote


David Beckham is hot. Like, probably the hottest guy alive right now. He's so hot, he makes people want to buy his underwear right off of him.

And now, you can -- no, this isn't a joke. American owners of Samsung Smart TVs will be able to use their remotes to buy Beckham's H&M Bodywear spring collection during the Super Bowl.

How does that even work? H&M will run a 30-second commercial featuring the soccer star during which viewers with compatible TVs will be able to purchase items through their television using a "t-commerce platform," Digital Journal reports. It's shopping for the future!

The only drawback? You won't be buying clothes that Beckham is actually wearing at the time, nor will he strip down during the commercial to give you the clothes. But hey, this is a step in that direction, right?

Photo/Video credit: H&M