Deion Sanders at TCA: The best quotes about 'Deion's Family Playbook'

deion-sanders-tracey-edmonds-tca-gi.jpgNFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders came to the TCA winter press tour Thursday (Jan. 9) to discuss his forthcoming docu-series on OWN, "Deion's Family Playbook."

The show, which premieres March 1, focuses on Sanders, his life as a father -- he has five kids and is helping raise four others -- involvement in a charter school and long-distance relationship with girlfriend Tracey Edmonds. OWN is pitching it as a latter-day "Cosby Show," and the voluble Sanders had plenty to talk about -- both related to the show and not. Some of his best quotes:

Question: When you're parenting, are there things from your past that you have to explain to your kids in certain lights? Like do you have to talk about throwing water at Tim McCarver in certain ways?
Sanders: Certainly not. I think that was justified. ... I grew up at a period of time with only my mother I had a biological father that used drugs and another stepfather that was somewhat of an alcoholic. That's why I've never endeavored into drinking or smoking. But I never heard the words "I love you" from any of those men, so I never felt loved or appreciated and accepted. So, you would see me shower my kids with those three words day in and day out.

Q: There's sort of a long history of reality shows that involve children that have turned into train wrecks for one reason or another. Do you have any reservations about putting your kids on TV like this?
Sanders: No, not whatsoever. First and foremost, my kids are elated to be on television, and unlike many shows that you're speaking of, we're not using this as a platform to catapult us to somewhere else. I'm comfortable with who I am, what I am, how I am, why I am, where I am, how I am doing, and where I've got to go to get to wherever I endeavor to go, if you can understand all that.

But we're happy. We're not using this so my kid can do this, so he can do this, so she can do this. We're comfortable. We just want to display to America what a father is.

I grew up watching "The Cosby Show." I grew up watching "All in the Family," "Good Times," "The Jeffersons," where everything was centered around the man. ... I'm not perfect, but I am present, and I am thankful to be present in all my kids' lives as [I am with] many others.

Q: I want you to make a couple of sports analogies about how raising a family is a lot like sports since you know how to turn a phrase quite well.
Sanders: Yes, I do, quite well.

I am a dad like Peyton Manning is to the Denver Broncos.

Yeah, I am exciting and non-stopping like a San Francisco 49ers defense. I am not lucky, although Andrew Luck is. And I have the ability to understand I am not No. 1, but my kids are. How was that?

Q: Who do you like for the Super Bowl, and why?
Sanders: I really don't like anybody.

You know why? Because I really don't care who wins. I just really want a good game. I'm upset that the Super Bowl is in New York because weather will play a factor. Weather should not play a factor in a game of that magnitude and multitude. If Peyton Manning goes to New York, you know what's going to happen. Peyton Manning does not fare well in the cold. But if Tom Brady goes to New York, he could throw in Alaska or the North Pole. I mean, that's how good he is. So I really don't care. I just really want a good product so you can enjoy the game.

Edmonds: Deion knows, I really don't care whatever he watches. When Deion watches football games ...

She's on the computer.

Edmonds: I'm on my computer. I'm on the telephone. I'm watching movies, and I'm just there laying next to him, you know, being good company. 
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