Demi Lovato on 'GMA': Kenya experience was 'better than any other drug'


Demi Lovato's new book "Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year" is due in store shelves on Nov. 19, and it marks a new transition for the "X Factor" judge. In the book, she tries to offer the same words of inspiration for her fans that she needed when coming out of her depression.

"The question that a lot of people have for me is how do you continue to stay strong," she tells "Good Morning America," explaining that she meditates every morning with a different quote to help her stay centered. "Basically what I wanted to do is do that for my fans."

The quotes in Lovato's book come from everyone from Albert Einstein to Nicki Minaj, and she says she hopes that they help people deal with their problems and realize there is always hope. The 21-year-old touches on the subject of bullying, which is a very important topic of discussion for her.

"There was a time when I really resented the people who bullied me in my life. I lived with so much hate that I only ended up making myself sick," she says.

Lovato explains that she spoke with someone who bullied her, and learned a lot about the troubles that girl was going through that she hadn't known before. She now advises people to hug a bully and to acknowledge that love can heal anything. Her trip to Kenya is something she credits to being life-changing for her and helped solidify her recovery.

"Time and love heals everything," Lovato says. "[Kenya was] better than any other drug I've ever done."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images