'Desperate Housewives' sneak peek: Can Valerie Harper and Lesley Ann Warren save Susan?

In Sunday's (Jan. 3) episode, Susan ( Teri Hatcher) wakes up in the hospital after being trampled in the Wisteria Lane riot. She then finds out she lost a kidney and in keeping with Susan's usual bad luck on "Desperate Housewives," the other one doesn't work too well. 

The housewife can look forward to at least three years on dialysis unless she can find a donor (or one year if  her contract doesn't get renewed, whatever comes first). And where is the first place she may find one? In her own family, of course.

In the Jan. 9 episode, Susan's mom, Sophie ( Lesley Ann Warren) is back and she has brought Susan's aunt, played by the iconic "Rhoda" and "Mary Tyler Moore" show actress, Valerie Harper! We're giddy with excitement. But while it's good news to us, the two ladies may not be for Susan when they refuse to be tested as donors. Uh oh.

Watch the preview below:

Hm, looks like Susan is about to find a skeleton in the family's closet!
Photo/Video credit: ABC