'Dexter': Showtime takes extreme precautions to prevent finale spoilers

dexter_s4-11_290.jpg" Dexter" fans are merely days away from the show's fourth-season finale, and production sources tell Zap2it the network is unusually concerned about content from the episode leaking.

Word is, there will be a turn so unexpected on Sunday that it will change the whole series.

Not surprising, considering this is "Dexter" we're talking about and the season has been loaded with twists.

A finale that doesn't trump what's already gone down would probably be considered a disappointment by fans.

But if the intense measures that Showtime has taken to protect the secrecy of what's in store are any indication, there's not much for viewers to worry about.

We're told non-disclosure agreements were signed by everyone on staff and at the network, decoy scripts were drafted and disseminated, each and every screener was watermarked and sets were closed to anyone that didn't absolutely have to be around during shooting.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

What is all the fuss about?

Any theories?

"Dexter's" season 4 finale -- titled "The Getaway" -- airs Sunday, Dec. 13 on Showtime

Will you watch?

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