Did Kim Kardashian want to film her farewell chat with Kris Humphries?

kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-video-chat.jpgOn this past Sunday's episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries was finalized -- but Kim wanted one last Skype chat with her ex to apologize for certain things and to let him know she truly did love him.

But now RadarOnline is reporting that she wanted it to be a part of their reality show and Humphries said no.

"Kris turned down Kim's offer because he didn't want to appear on any of the Kardashian reality shows ever again," a source tells Radar. "Kim and Kris haven't spoken since the divorce was made final, and there are no plans to do so."

Is anybody actaully surprised by this? Of course Kim wanted to film the chat -- that's what this family does. And of course Kris wanted no part of it. Why would he?

The source adds that Humphries was not surprised to see Kim exchanging high-fives with her family members when the divorce was finally settled.

"On the day the divorce was finalized, Kris was somber and a bit sad," says the source. "There was absolutely no celebration, no parties. It was the end of his marriage, and it was a reflective time for him. It didn't surprise him that Kim carried on the way she did on the show."

That's all well and good, but Humphries did drag the divorce out for months and months, and also dated a Kim lookalike in the meantime, so. Let's not act like he was busy journaling and meditating all day when the divorce was final.

Either way -- whose glad this whole mess is over with?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images