"Doctor Who" celebrated by Google Doodle game on 50th anniversary

This weekend marks the big 50th anniversary event for "Doctor Who," the long-running and classic science-fiction series. In honor of this, Google has a special Doodle: You can play a Whovian game featuring any one of the 11 previous Doctors.

It's really fun.

Note: The Doodle seems to be time-dependent. If you want to play right away, try Google in another country like the UK.

To begin the game, you first click on whichever Doctor you'd like to be. Your chosen Doctor has to find his way to a letter (the successive levels spell out GOOGLE) and then get back to the TARDIS in one piece. This is naturally impeded by some barriers in the path as well as "Doctor Who" villains like Daleks (other villains appear in upper levels -- watch out for a Weeping Angel on level 4).

doctor-who-google-uk-game-full.jpgWhat happens if a bad guy gets you? SPOILER ALERT: If the Doctor gets caught by one of his foes, he regenerates as the next Doctor in the line (and goes back to the beginning if you picked Matt Smith).

It's not just about getting those letters. Once you've collected the correct letter, the Doctor still has to make it back to his TARDIS in order to time-travel to the next level.

Just try to get anything else done today. Good luck!

Photo/Video credit: Google