'Doctor Who' Season 8 spoilers: Peter Capaldi rides a horse, familiar aliens return

Now that Season 8 of "Doctor Who" is in production, pictures are starting to show up online from those who happen to see the filming. If you don't want to know anything about what to expect from the early episodes of Season 8, stop reading this article.

There aren't many details about the episodes released, but a couple familiar faces will be making their returns to the show. Pictures shared on Twitter show both Strax ( Dan Starkey) and Vastra ( Neve McIntosh) appearing.

As for the Doctor himself, there also video of Peter Capaldi in a nightgown, riding a horse. Actually, he's riding a stunt horse in the scene, likely because having him flying down a street on a real one seems a bit dangerous for the new Doctor. 

There's also video of his stunt double galloping on a real horse. A Flickr user was able to get several photos of Capaldi throughout the night shoot and he truly looks to be having a great time.

There's still no look at what his official costume for the Doctor is going to be though, unless he plans to travel through space and time in his pajamas. While that would be pretty entertaining, he'll have to show up in his new outfit eventually.

"Doctor Who" Season 8 will air later in the year. Take a look at some of the photos and videos below.

Photo/Video credit: BBC/Twitter/YouTube