'Doctor Who's' Colin Baker would get sex change to be first female Doctor

Many "Doctor Who" fans really want there to finally be a female Doctor and they aren't the only ones. Former Doctor Colin Baker wants one as well, and he's willing to go to extreme lengths to make it happen.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the man who played the sixth Doctor says, "It won't happen because they are too timid but there should be." However, he adds, "I will have a sex change and do it," joking that he's "in touch with my feminine side."

Baker also doesn't think Peter Capaldi necessarily needs advice from former Doctors as he takes on the role. "Each new actor brings what they bring," he says. "Just do what you want to do and be brave."

Capaldi's turn as the Doctor will begin later in the year with the premiere of Season 8.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images