'Doctor Who's' Peter Capaldi won't have a 'Musketeers' crossover

peter-capaldi-musketeers-doctor-who-bbc.jpgComing this spring to BBC is "The Musketeers," a swashbuckling drama that takes the characters from the original Alexandre Dumas novel and puts them into new adventures within the time period.

But the characters from the novel that make it into the show won't only be the title characters. Cardinal Richelieu, famed thorn in the musketeers' side in the novel, will also be causing trouble in the BBC version.

Richelieu is played by none other than Peter Capaldi, the recently announced 12th Doctor from fellow BBC program "Doctor Who." "Musketeers" star Santiago Cabrera tells the 2014 TCA press tour that Capaldi was a joy to work alongside.

"He's a fantastic actor. He just brings incredible value to this first season as the Cardinal, the sort-of counter to the musketeers. He's a pleasure to work with and have him on board," says Cabrera. "Having Peter as the Cardinal has been an amazing plus on the show."

However, Capaldi will not be pulling double duty on the two dramas.

Executive producer Adrian Hodges also reveals that unfortunately, Capaldi won't be appearing past Season 1.

"My impression is he's a little bit busy," Hodges says with a laugh.

"We have a perfect first season arc involving Peter," Hodges continues. "We didn't know when we started with him that he would be the new Doctor Who, but when we'd found that out, we'd already done the serial arc for the first series. At this point I'm not planning that he will be back."

Hodges also says that there won't be a "Musketeers"-"Doctor Who" crossover.

Photo/Video credit: BBC