Ram 'So God Made a Farmer' ad not as great as everyone thinks

god-made-a-farmer-dodge-ram-super-bowl.jpgOne of the most popular ads during Super Bowl XLVII was the Ram ad that featured photography of farmers and rural landscapes while Paul Harvey's classic "So God made a Farmer" played over top.

In Zap2it's poll, that ad is second in the voting for best ad, behind the Budweiser Clydesdales ad, and according to Hulu's fan voting, it's the no. 1 ad from the broadcast.

However, I didn't find the ad as great as everyone seems to think it is.

No, it's not because I don't appreciate farming. I'm the granddaughter of farmers on both sides of my family. My 90-year-old grandfather still putters around his farm. I appreciate farming and farmers very much.

No, it's not because it mentions God, as one commenter in the poll post says is probably the reason.

It's not the monologue by Paul Harvey. That's a great piece, which celebrates what used to be the backbone of this country. Farmers work incredibly hard and most people probably don't give them a second thought.

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However, the reasons I did not enjoy the ad were two fold.

Firstly, it's all well and good to wax poetic about how hard farmers work. But that isn't really what farming is anymore, at least not where meat production is concerned. Farms don't consist one hard-working man and his children. Anymore, the meat that makes its way into our grocery stores comes from factory farms.

Factory farms are horrid places, where thousands of animals are kept in disgusting, tiny areas. They don't graze, they don't get sunshine and they often endure painful mutilations and confinements, like chickens having their beaks sawed off or breeding pigs being kept in areas so small they can't turn around.

A commercial about meat production nowadays would be a really upsetting commercial. People would be horrified to actually witness where their food comes from. It's a reason I stopped eating meat that isn't grown on a family farm. It's not that I disagree with eating meat -- it's that I can't stomach how the animals are treated.

That isn't to say that there aren't still hard-working farmers out there. There are plenty of hard-working farmers and I happily buy meat from family farms. But factory farms account for a lot of the meat production in this country now.

There's a reason that Paul Harvey monologue is from 1978, gang.

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But that's not even the real point, because guess what? That ad isn't about farming.

That ad is for a Dodge Ram pickup truck. And that's the second reason I didn't like the ad.

I'm fairly offended that the plinky-plunky strains of Middle America and the rhetoric about how hard farmers work and the shots of churches and the American flag are being used to sell me a pickup truck.

That would've been a great ad -- for farming. An Ode to Farmers ad, perhaps urging Americans to eat less meat and not support factory farms, which isn't just good for us health-wise, but also good for the environment.

That Harvey speech should've been used to actually celebrate family farms and encourage people to buy meat from said family farms where the animals are treated humanely. The speech is about farming, not about pickup trucks.

Instead, this ad is exploiting everyone's sentimental side and then slapping a Dodge Ram logo on the screen at the end.


In fact, one commenter on our ad poll voted for the "Paul Harvey Farmer ad (minus the Ram)."

That really sums up my point right there. It wasn't a Paul Harvey farmer ad. It was an advertisement for Ram pickups, but all anyone can talk about was how beautiful it was and God bless farmers.

Too bad that way of life hardly exists anymore. And too bad that the ad was for a friggin' truck.

Oh, and it's also too bad the ad appears to have ripped off a YouTube video produced by Farms.com from 2011.
Photo/Video credit: Ram