Double-crossing taken to a new level on 'Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites'

Ciriefields_survivor__micronesia_24 We're getting down to the nitty gritty on Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites, and I like the way things are shaping up.  Multiple alliances among multiple people with multiple possible outcomes. With all the side flipping, alongside the hotly contested challenges, this season is open to a large number of castaways.

The shake out from the fake out. The tribe comes back to camp after tribal, buzzing with the possibilities that the fake idol has brought to the fore. Will people realize Jason's plan to out Ozzy? What would have happened if that had been the real idol? It seems Dabu is still reeling from the would-be immunity ploy, and don't have their heads together yet.

A puzzling development. Jason is quick to play off the impact of the fake idol, but states quite plainly that he needs to stay ahead of Ozzy to stay on the island. At the challenge the tribes divide into teams of four; Cirie, being the last person chosen for a team, is sent to Exile Island. The challenge begins and both teams must race through the surf and a net tunnel to study a pyramid-shaped puzzle. After doing their best to memorize the symbols of the puzzle, they return to shore and try to recreate the pattern. The team consisting of Amanda, Ozzy, Erik, and Jason solves their puzzle first and is sent directly to the island of Yap for their reward of culture and food!

A bigger reward than you can stomach. The reward challenge winners arrive in Yap and are ushered to an utopic village to begin their feast. Topless women and tribal dances complete our heroes' Mutiny on the Bounty-esque experience. Erik, in particular, is charmed by the locals. Too bad for him they don't have a Baskin-Robbins, otherwise he'd stay, his chosen career intact. Even after tossing his dinner in the middle of the night, the lightweight remains enchanted.

On Exile Island, Cirie endures a rainy night. A night which gets her to thinking that she may need to be the one to get that immunity idol out of Ozzy's hands. Will our diabolical couch potato drop the shutterbug godling?

Jasonsiska_survivor_micronesia_240 Thirty pieces of silver, eight slices of pizza, four donuts, and a bowl of candy. Back at Dabu, James gets to work while everyone else is sleeping, waking Parvati. She chastises him for the noise, and he wonders how much laziness he can continue to be surrounded by before letting the curses fly. I hope she and James have kept the receipt on their BFF necklace, because it looks like they might not be needing it anymore.

In fact, James might just give his half straight to Alexis, as she and Parvati are seen chatting about evicting Ozzy. James and Amanda are disconcerted by Parvati's comfort level with the remaining female fans. Erik and Jason are commiserating on their slim chances of winning this season.

Cirie returns from Exile and the contestants are faced with an endurance challenge for immunity. Each member must keep their hand raised to avoid upsetting a barrel of water sitting over their heads. Last person to get drenched is safe from the vote. And what would an immunity challenge be without the temptation of food? Jeff emerges with a bowl of candy, obviously nicked from the craft services table just outside of camera range (come on Survivor, what's happened to the production values?) Apparently Erik wasn't so concerned about immunity after all, as he and Cirie are very quick to bail out of the competition to get their grubby hands on the rather lame food prize. Fortunately for me, James is there to give voice to my astonishment. "What the nickelodeon is going on around here," he is heard to say. I can't blame him. Giving up immunity for a bowl of candy? What are you, four years old? How did you even get on this show?

Alexis's departure is not far behind, as she gets so excited about the next temptation from roguish Probst, her hand drops from sheer anticipation. Tragically, Jeff is quick to exclude her from the prize, as she had bailed before he introduced it. Natalie and James DQ themselves in rapid order, demonstrating for us how essential concentration is to this challenge.

An hour goes by and Ozzy is bought by three chocolate donuts. Ozzy being brought down by pastry -- how disappointing. Maybe he is more Homer Simpson that he is Homeric hero. The follies continue as Amanda is forced to bow out due to a call of nature, leaving Parvati and Jason to be tempted by a plate full of food. This particular enticement proves to be more interesting, however, as Jeff informs Parvati and Jason that not only will they be given the food if they sacrifice themselves, but they will share the food with the tribe members who have already been disqualified!

Jason begins soliciting guarantees from the tribe that if he were to take the hit and provide them with food, he will not be voted out. Alexis and Cirie cross their fingers before guaranteeing (yeah, I was right, they are four.) After six and a half hours, Jason steps down and Parvati wins immunity. Dabu (minus Parvati) eats.

Jason suckered again? Jason is rightly experiencing buyer's remorse, wondering if he made the right move, trading immunity for food that he had to share anyway. Ozzy and James give the order that, despite the guarantees, Jason will be getting their alliance's votes. Cirie, however, realizes that with Ozzy's guard down, he is primed for removal. Cirie makes her move, pushing Parvati, Alexis, Amanda, Natalie, and Jason to vote for Ozzy. But Parvati's chummy attitude towards the other women on the tribe is putting Ozzy's guard right back up, and he ponders the timing of playing the idol that night.

Ozzylusth_survivor_micronesia_240_4 Jeff questions Jason's wisdom at tribal council, and James and Ozzy make it pretty clear that they will be voting for Jason. But everyone else is coy as they head off to vote. Ozzy again dices with death by refusing to play his idol, and the votes are tabulated. One of the guys has made a mistake this evening, and it turns out to be Ozzy as he is voted out by the slimmest of margins. The first jury member, Eliza -- eyes halfway out of her head to begin with, nearly suffers an ocular emergency as she witnesses the biggest blindside in a season of blindsides.

Cirie has emerged as the mastermind of Micronesia. Will this put the target on her back? James and Amanda are reeling after the Ozzy vote. Will they regroup and turn the tables yet again? Or will Parvati's wiles conquer? Answers to all these questions in just a week's time!!!