'Downton Abbey': Patton Oswalt can only think, 'Hitler. Here comes Hitler'

It's well-documented that comedian/actor Patton Oswalt is a huge "Downton Abbey" fan. During last Sunday's (Jan. 5) premiere, he was live-tweeting the episode (as per usual). Here are a few of his choice bon mots:

  • "Can't tell if the Dowager Countess' cane is filled with scotch, brandy or powdered servants' bones."
  • "Hey, Lady Edith looks pretty. DON'T SETTLE FOR HIM, EDITH."
  • "Does EVERY character end up soul-stomped? The WALKING DEAD feels like FULL HOUSE compared to this."

When Oswalt stopped by "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on Thursday (Jan. 9), Ferguson teases Oswalt a bit about his love of the period drama, including joking that Oswalt could appear on the show in his snappy new jacket.

"Would they let someone wearing a cool jacket like this into Downton Abbey? No, they would send him below stairs immediately," Oswalt responds. "I think they'd look at this and go, 'He looks like one of those jazz musicians.'"

Oswalt also says that even though he's sticking with "Downton" until it does eventually come to an end, it's gotten rather hard to watch at present.

"I don't know what they're doing, it's almost like a writers' challenge where they are writing the gloomiest, most depressing stuff. Everyone is dying and having diseases and heartbreak," says Oswalt.

"By the way, now World War I is over," he continues. "Now they're starting to make references to Germany and, so, everything you're watching, even when somebody has something nice happening, in the back of you're head you're going, 'Hitler. Here comes Hitler. He's coming.'"

Ferguson deadpans, "I wonder who they'll get to play him?"

"Downton Abbey" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on PBS.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images