'Downton Abbey's' famous fans: Patton Oswalt, Kristen Bell and more

downton-famous-fans.jpgSure, plenty of us have been swept away in the glitz, glamor and intrigue of "Downton Abbey" on PBS Masterpiece. But did you also know there are more than a few famous faces who can be counted amongst the fans of the British show.

Patton Oswalt is certainly the most vocal. He dressed up for a viewing party and he also hilariously live-tweets each weekly episode, including such gems as:

  • "I can't Tweet this enough: I love Maggie Smith. #DowntonPBS"
  • "Ouija board! This was the closest thing to Twitter at Downton. #DowntonPBS"
  • "Maggie Smith refuses sauce like a GANGSTA! #DowntonPBS"
  • "O SHOES in front of the Dowager Countess? Why don't you just whip your Johnson out and sing, "Danny Boy"? #DowntonPBS"

Other famous fans of "Downton" include Kristen Bell ("you guessed it, its 130am and im re-watching Downton Abbey episodes. I am wildly obsessed with this show"), Josh Charles ("While suspended, maybe Will should head across the pond and defend John Bates on appeal. What do you think? #DowntonAbbeyGoodWifeCrossover") and of course, we've already told you how David Boreanaz of "Bones" is angling for a guest-starring role.

Check out this gallery of all the wonderful celebrity fans we've found so far.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images