Drake Bell supports petition to have Justin Bieber deported

Former "Drake & Josh" star Drake Bell really doesn't like  Justin Bieber. His distaste for the pop star has been well documented, going back to early 2013.

Bell has battled Bieber's fans and most recently went after the singer, accusing him of paying off Lil Za in that drug arrest at his house. Now Bell wants to simply get Bieber tossed from the United States. A petition has been launched on the White House website, asking the government to deport Bieber and revoke his green card. So far it has amassed over 53,000 signatures and Bell is one of them. 

He's even promoting it on his Twitter account, urging his followers to "become part of the movement." If the petition reached 100,000 signatures by Feb. 22, the U.S. government will be required to give an official response. That should be an interesting memo from the office of the president.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images