drew carey getty 56th birthday Happy birthday, Drew Carey: 5 hilarious 'Whose Line Is it Anyway?' video clips to celebrateDrew Carey is celebrating his 56th birthday on Friday, May 23 and to honor the big day, we’ve compiled some of his funniest moments from when he hosted “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” for ABC.

Though the host doesn’t normally get involved on “Whose Line,” Carey took part in at least one sketch per episode. Since Carey isn’t exactly a seasoned veteran of improv like his co-stars, the results were often hilarious.

This first clip is our No. 1 favorite Drew moment, as he takes part in “Three-headed Broadway Star” and … well, he kind of forgets how the game works and makes Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady (and the audience, and the viewers) laugh pretty hard.

Below that are some more of our favorite moments, followed by a compilation of the guys making fun of Drew, as he was also a frequent target of their jokes.

Happy birthday, Drew!

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